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– Healthcare professionals
– Healthcare experts
– Healthcare brands

Better care starts with better education

– Deep, engaged learning
– Participants are heard, seen, challenged
– Cross-peer learning

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Shaking up healthcare education. At last.

Live remote learning that engages your entire brain ànd network

Who want to find their own answers rather than digest canned content

Who prefer to show how, rather than to show off

Who are looking to offer meaningful insights, not looking to score

Building a collaborative intelligence base with learnings that stick and scale

What over a decade of studying medical decision-making, peer-to-peer interaction and learning taught us, is that technology can help to make learnings last. Time to make health care education worth caring for or start with this one-minute video.


Focused around micro decisions

Because HCPs’ decisions are the life-and-death kind, we give them the tools and the data to make it better ones. More nuanced. More knowledgeable. And better informed.


Bringing experts closer than ever—even remotely

As an expert, you’ll use our real-time interaction data to challenge participants, build on their experience, follow their train of thought and let them find their own answers.


Immersive learning that engages the entire brain

Participants get access to all the data, from ECGs, guidelines, and imaging to recent studies. The aim: to support their decision-making and make sure their learnings stick.


Engineered to help HCPs step up their therapeutic game

The future of healthcare belongs to those who see more in the same data. That’s why our masterclass teaches HCPs to make knowledgeable diagnoses based on data.



Per session. Tops. So everyone in the room can spend quality time with peers and the expert on the matter.



Small-scale, big-impact sessions work. At least, that’s what 9 out of 10 respondents in the medical industry say.



Less yawning. Less diversion. Because we believe the wisdom is in the crowd, and we share it with both experts and pharmaceutical brands.



After a LiveLinx session, participants are 200% more likely to take different therapeutic decisions.

Shift from knowledge to insights


Analytics that turn technology into wisdom, harnessing the knowledge of speakers, participants and pharmaceutical companies

The data assembled in each Livelinx session is shared with everyone involved. For physicians to make sharper decisions, for experts to understand their audience better, and for pharmaceutical companies to tailor their learning sessions to their crowd.

Stay ahead of the learning curve

And on top of industry learnings. Way on top.